Lowell sources from dozens of small family farms whose Instagram names we proudly feature on the front of our packs. To ensure our farms comply with our high standards in regards to purity, we have been testing all of our flower since we first brought our packs to market in January of 2017, long before the state required it.

Recently we bought flowers from one of our partner farms and it tested clean with SC Labs and then was issued a passing lab report from Anresco Labs and we released the flower into the market, in two SKUS: 18150H50 The Vibrant Hybrid and 18141H49 The Supreme Hybrid. Two weeks later this same lab reissued a certificate with a failing lab report.

As soon as we were made aware of this we were in contact with the BCC and chose to voluntarily recall these two SKUS. MJ Biz Daily recently covered this story.

After immediately issuing the recall we sent the flower to be tested again at Belacosta labs and it came back clean. Even with these results showing the failing test was most likely a false-positive we are voluntarily recalling these two SKUS to act with an abundance of caution.